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Gemini Lunar RM

American manned spacecraft module. Study 1967. Calculated mass based on mission requirements, drawing of spacecraft.

Crew Size: 2. Habitable Volume: 2.55 m3. Structure: 573 kg (1,263 lb). Heat shield: 221 kg (487 lb). Reaction Control System: 121 kg (266 lb). Recovery Equipment: 124 kg (273 lb). Navigation Equipment: 118 kg (260 lb). Electrical Equipment: 146 kg (321 lb). Communications Systems: 194 kg (427 lb). Crew Seats and Provisions: 413 kg (910 lb). Crew: 144 kg (317 lb). Miscellaneous Contingency: 123 kg (271 lb). Environmental Control System: 150 kg (330 lb).

AKA: Reentry Module.
Gross mass: 2,386 kg (5,260 lb).
Height: 3.35 m (10.99 ft).
Diameter: 2.32 m (7.61 ft).

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  • Gemini Lunar Lander American manned lunar lander. Study 1961. A direct lunar lander design of 1961, capable of being launched to the moon in a single Saturn V launch through use of a 2-man Gemini re-entry vehicle instead of the 3-man Apollo capsule. More...
  • Gemini Lunar Surface Rescue Spacecraft American manned lunar lander. Study 1966. This version of Gemini would allow a direct manned lunar landing mission to be undertaken in a single Saturn V flight, although it was only proposed as an Apollo rescue vehicle. More...
  • Gemini Lunar Surface Survival Shelter American manned lunar habitat. Study 1967. Prior to an Apollo moon landing attempt, the shelter would be landed, unmanned, near the landing site of a stranded Apollo Lunar Module. More...

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