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Gemini EMU

EVAMU Manoeuvring Unit to have been tested in project Gemini.
Credit: USAF
Gemini 9
Art concept of Astronaut in Manoeuvring Unit
Credit: NASA
American space mobility device, tested 1966. Vought developed the EMU, which was to have been flown in the Gemini program. This design approach led to the Space Shuttle's MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) was put into operation.

AKA: Extravehicular Activity Maneuvering Unit.

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Gemini EMU Chronology

1964 August 22 - .
  • AiResearch formally notified to begin integrating displays for the astronaut Modular Maneuvering Unit (MMU) into the basic design of the extravehicular life support system (ELSS). - . Nation: USA. Flight: Gemini 9. Spacecraft: Gemini EMU. Crew Systems Division reported that AiResearch had been formally notified to begin immediately integrating displays and associated circuitry for the astronaut Modular Maneuvering Unit (MMU) into the basic design of the extravehicular life support system (ELSS). The MMU was scheduled to be flown in Gemini-Titan 9 as Department of Defense experiment D-12. The first prototype ELSS was scheduled for delivery in January 1965.

1965 February 1 - .
  • Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) received on schedule the first qualification configuration extravehicular life-support system (ELSS) chest pack. - . Nation: USA. Spacecraft: Gemini EMU. Tests of this unit and the ELSS umbilical assembly were being conducted at MSC. Meanwhile, AiResearch was preparing for systems qualification tests. Zero-gravity flight tests of the ELSS had shown that egress and ingress while wearing a chest pack could readily be done by properly trained astronauts.

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