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Commercial version of the Strela-3 military satellite.
Credit: ESA
Russian civilian store-dump communications satellite. Study 1999. The first generation store-dump communications Gonets-D system was to have been followed by an advanced Gonets-R design equipped with satellite-to-satellite links.

Gonets-R would have employed a larger, 950-kg spacecraft in even greater numbers (45 satellites in 5 planes of 9) and have operated at L- and Ku bands. Each satellite would have a capacity of 15 earth-space and 3 space-earth channels. On-board storage was 8 Mbytes of data, with a transmission rate of 1.2 to 64 kbit/sec. Seems to have been abandoned due to lack of commercial interest.

AKA: Gonets-R.
Gross mass: 233 kg (513 lb).

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  • Reshetnev Russian manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft. Reshetnev Design Bureau, Krasnoyarsk-26/Zhelenogorsk, Russia. More...

  • "Rossiya. Zapushcheni 3 KA 'Gonets' i KA 'Kosmos-2337, 2338, 2339'", Novosti Kosmonavtiki, 1997, Issue 4, page 54.

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