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ISS Russian Science and Power Platform

Russian ISS Segment
The ~$3-billion Russian segment is visible at right in this illustration from 1994. The small Russian laboratory modules (bottom right), Science and Power Platform (upper right) and most of the other components were derived from the old "Mir 1.5" plan.
Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos
Russian ISS Segment
Another view of the Russian ISS segment, circa 1997. Many ISS elements had been moved from Russian rockets to the US Space Shuttle. The Russian laboratory modules (centre) had been replaced with a larger FGB-derived design to save money.
Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos
Russian manned space station module. Cancelled 1994. The RSPP was originally going to be launched on six Russian Proton rockets fairly early during the ISS assembly phase.

The Science and Power Platform would only power the Russian laboratory modules, so it was not crucial to the success of the whole ISS project. Further Russian cutbacks led to the RSPP being cancelled and replaced with one of the four American solar arrays.

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