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Junkers 'Junior'

German manned rocketplane. Flown 1936. Early German rocketplane.

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  • Me-163 German winged rocketplane. The rocket-powered Messerschmitt Me-163 was the world's first and only operational pure rocket fighter and represented the culmination of Alexander Lippisch's years of research in rocketplanes, tail-less aircraft, and delta wings. As a weapon, the Me-163 had tremendous speed but very limited range. However the concepts developed by Lippisch contributed to the Space Shuttle and Buran orbiters of a quarter century later. More...

  • Dornberger, Walter, Peenemuende, Moewig, Berlin 1985..

Junkers 'Junior' Chronology

During 1936 - . Launch Site: Kummersdorf. Launch Vehicle: Me-163.
  • First test of liquid rocket engine intended for use on aircraft - . Nation: Germany. Spacecraft: Junkers 'Junior'. A 300 kgf engine was installed in a Junkers 'Junior' aircraft fuselage at Kummersdorf. This was the first rocket engine installation in an aircraft. But the problem to be solved was how to ensure continuous operation of the engine during aircraft manoeuvres. The rocket team finally built a big carousel, capable of testing the engine installation at up to 5 G's.

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