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Russian communications satellite. Study 1997. The Khrunichev State Space Research and Production Center (including the Salyut Design Bureau), proposed the Kondor communications system for mobile users.

This 4-satellite system would be based on 2.5-2.6 metric ton spacecraft with 3.2 kW electrical power systems. The communications payload could have a mass of up to 500 kg and power of up to 1.5 kW. The transponders would be of the L-band and C-band types and INMARSAT-compatible. The L-band transponders would be high power (200-250 W) and be linked to two 6-m diameter antennas. A specific start date for Kondor operations was never given, but in 1994 initial activities were said to be possible during 1995-1997. No funding was forthcoming.

Electric System: 3.20 average kW.

Gross mass: 2,600 kg (5,700 lb).
Payload: 500 kg (1,100 lb).

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