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Credit: USAF Phillips Laboratory
Russian communications satellite. Study 1995. The Elas Scientific Production Association was a principal participant in the proposed Kuryer communications system of Konvert spacecraft.

The network design called for 8-12 of the 500-kg satellites to be deployed in 700 km orbits with 76 degrees inclinations by the Start-l launch vehicle. With a primary objective of supporting e-mail and other communications, the Kuryer system was to operate at first at 430-470 MHz with helical antennas and later at L-band with phased array antennas. Optical satellite cross-links were also mentioned. The small spacecraft were to be powered by two long, narrow solar arrays and would reject heat via a liquid radiator. The flight testing program was to begin in 1993 but was delayed until 1995 at the earliest. Finally no funding was forthcoming and the project died quietly.

AKA: Kuryer.
Gross mass: 500 kg (1,100 lb).

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