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Kvant FGB

Russian manned spacecraft module. One launch, 1987.03.31 (Kvant 1). Used only once, tug docked Kvant module to station, then separated and was commanded to destructive reentry over Pacific Ocean. Space station module tug.

AKA: Service Module.
Gross mass: 7,900 kg (17,400 lb).
Unfuelled mass: 2,900 kg (6,300 lb).
Height: 7.20 m (23.60 ft).
Diameter: 4.15 m (13.61 ft).

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  • Kvant Russian manned space station. One launch, 1987.03.31 (Kvant 1). The Kvant spacecraft represented the first use of a new kind of Soviet space station module, designated 37K. More...

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