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American manned spaceplane. Study 2004. X-Prize suborbital spaceplane concept of Kelly Space & Technology, San Bernardino, California.

LB-X was designed by a team led by Michael Gallo of Kelly Space & Technology, San Bernardino, California. In common with other Kelly proposals, the vehicle would be air towed to launch by a 747, accelerate to outer space, then make a horizontal glide landing at any conventional runway. The vehicle was a rocket-powered delta wing glider with a liquid oxygen and kerosene liquid rocket engine. However Kelly, after conducting tow tests with an F-106 fighter, was unable to raise enough funds for development of either the LB-X or their Astroliner orbital vehicle.

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  • America's Space Prize Following the success of the Ansari X-Prize in motivating flight of the first commercial suborbital manned spacecraft, Robert Bigelow announced the 'America's Space Prize' - $ 50 million - to the first team to fly an orbital manned spacecraft that completes two missions safely and successfully by January 10, 2010. More...
  • X-Prize The X-Prize competition was an attempt to promote commercial civilian spaceflight in a manner similar to the prizes handed out in the early days of aviation. Ten million dollars was to go to the first team to fly a vehicle capable of launching three people into space (defined as an altitude of 100 km in a suborbital trajectory), twice in a two-week period. The vehicle had to be 90% reusable by dry mass. For purposes of the two flights, the competition accepted flight by one person and ballast equivalent to two others at 90 kg per passenger. More...

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  • Kelly American manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft. Kelly Space and Technology, USA. More...

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1998 February 1 - .
  • Kelly demonstrates towing. - . Nation: USA. Program: X-Prize. Spacecraft: LB-X. Summary: Kelly Space & Technology (San Bernardino, CA, USA) successfully demonstrates vehicle towing..

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