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Iranian technology satellite. Study 2006. Technology satellite with imaging and communications payloads. Planned as the operational payload of the Iranian Shahab-3 orbital launch vehicle. The satellite would be cube-shaped, 50 cm on a side.

Originally planned for launch in May 2005.

Italy agreed to assist Iran in the construction and launch of the Mesbah satellite in February 2003. At that time the first phase of the project, which resulted in completion of a laboratory model of the satellite, had been completed. The Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Italian Carlo Gavazzi Space company were joint partners in the project. In February 2004 it was announced that the laboratory model of Mesbah would be upgraded and launched by July 2005.

AKA: Lantern.
Gross mass: 60 kg (132 lb).

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  • Iran Iran, following a thirty year effort to acquire foreign technology however possible, launched its first satellite in 2009. More...

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