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Mini Space Station

Mini Space Station
Credit: EADS
European manned space station. Study 2020. Potential European independent space station consisting of two docked ATV's with additional life support systems.

In the event of abandonment of the ISS by the Americans, the ATV could be used to put together a European Mini Space Station. Two ATV spacecraft could be equipped with two docking mechanisms, one in front and one at the back, in such manner as they could mate like the carriages of a train.

Crew Size: 3. Habitable Volume: 96.00 m3.

Gross mass: 38,000 kg (83,000 lb).
Height: 22.00 m (72.00 ft).
Diameter: 4.45 m (14.59 ft).
Span: 22.30 m (73.10 ft).

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