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American space suit, tested 1985. NASA Zero Pre-breathe full pressure Suit developed to preclude the need for denitrogenation prior to EVA.

The Mk-I ZPS was the precursor to the Mk-3 and was based on shuttle suit geometry with several rigid components for use at a pressure of 0.56 bar. The MK-3 contained both machined/cast aluminum and composite graphite Hard Upper Torso and modular sections for arms and legs to fit 90% of male and female population. Used rolling convolutes at shoulder, and waist; bearings in hips; fabric elbows, knees and ankle joints, ILC Dover, Airlock Corp. and Hamilton Standard.

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  • ILC Dover American manufacturer of spacecraft. ILC Dover / ILC Space Systems Division, Houston, TX, USA. More...

  • Sears, William J, A Historical Review of Partial and Full Pressure Suits, Web Address when accessed: here.

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