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American manned rocketplane. Flown 1944. First U.S. military rocket-powered plane; built by Northrop.

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  • Northrop American manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft. Northrop, USA. More...

  • Emme, Eugene M, Aeronautics and Astronautics: An American Chronology of Science and Technology in the Exploration of Space 1915-1960, NASA, 1961. Web Address when accessed: here.

MX-324 Chronology

1944 July 5 - .
  • MX-324 rocket fighter prototype first flight. - . Crew: Crosby. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Crosby. Spacecraft: MX-324. Summary: The MX-324, first U.S. military rocket-powered plane built by Northrop, was flown by test pilot Harry Crosby, at Harper Dry Lake, Calif..

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