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Soyuz Survival Suit
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Russian space emergency kit, operational 1968. The NAZ-3 emergency-landing kit was used in cosmonaut training in all seasons and extremes of temperature, and on all manner of terrain: mountains, steppes, tundra, desert, taiga, and in water.

The survival kit was designed to gain the attention of rescue crews rather than for long-term use, containing enough supplies for three men over a 72-hour period. The triangular shape of the carrying cases allowed them to be secured snugly in the cramped space between the seats of the cosmonauts onboard the Soyuz craft.

The Taz-III / NAZ-3 Portable Emergency Kit consisted of: (1) water canteen with attached siphon-spigot; (2) a yellow metal Priboy radio transmitter with articulated antenna and eight-pronged plug fitted to receptacle of accompanying battery; (3) reserve radio battery and connecting wires; (4) three various signal flares; (5) a compass and compass case; (6) a 120-mm folding blade knife with two blades, pick, flathead screwdriver and corkscrew; (7) a whistle; (8) a sewing kit; (9) two packs of all-weather matches with striking flints; (10) a flashlight; (11) a double-edged switchblade saw; (12) granulated ethyl alcohol; (12) 3 portable saws in the form of wire garrotes; (13) vacuum-packed food rations; (14) dry fuel; (15) fishing tackle; (16) first-aid kit, all contained in two triangular orange metal cases with grey canvas top, zipper closure; (17) pistol with cartridges, (18) TZK thermal protection suits for three men; (19) Forel immersion suits for three men; 2 canvas strap handles numbered units N-1 and N-2.

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