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Northrop LSS Lunar Rover RV5

American manned lunar rover. Study 1963. This Northrop Lunar Logistic System design of January 1963 was a 3 wheel open cart and had a range of 30 km with a crew of 2. It could also tow the RV6 50 kg, 2 to 4 wheeled dolly or trailer.

The design had limited towing and carrying capability and was designed for exploration and light transportation near base (25 to 80 km). The RV6 carrier was designed for limited use, requiring outside mobile traction. It provided for light cargo transportation only over easy lorain.

Crew Size: 2.

Gross mass: 180 kg (390 lb).

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  • Bendix Corporation, Lunar Surface Mobility Systems Comparison and Evolution Study (MOBEV), Five volumes, submitted under contract NAS8-20334, November 1966..

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