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Orion SA

American manned spacecraft module. Orion spacecraft adapter. Transition section between Service Module and Ares booster.

A simple aerospace structure that was made of: panel material: IM7/977-3 sandwich; longeron material: 7075 aluminum; ring frame material: 2024 aluminum; with a ML-440WSO white silicone thermal control coating. The design included 9 vent holes to equalize pressure during ascent; two access panels to allow work on the folded solar arrays and service module engine assembly; umbilical connections between the spacecraft and booster rocket at three; and six separation bolts connecting the adapter to the spacecraft. The panel was bolted to the forward 'field joint' of the Ares launch vehicle.

Gross mass: 581 kg (1,280 lb).
Height: 3.31 m (10.85 ft).
Diameter: 5.03 m (16.50 ft).

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