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Orion SM

Orion Service Module
Credit: NASA
American manned spacecraft module. Orion service module. Masses estimated based on delta-V released by NASA.

RCS Coarse No x Thrust: 16 x 445 N. Spacecraft delta v: 1,855 m/s (6,085 ft/sec). Electric System: 9.15 average kW.

Gross mass: 9,819 kg (21,647 lb).
Unfuelled mass: 69 kg (152 lb).
Height: 4.78 m (15.68 ft).
Diameter: 5.03 m (16.50 ft).
Span: 17.00 m (55.00 ft).
Thrust: 33.40 kN (7,509 lbf).

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