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Romanian manned spacecraft. Study 2004. X-Prize suborbital ballistic spacecraft concept of Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association. Reached the stage of engineering tests by 2003.

Orizont was a concept of Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association (ARCA) of Rimnicu Vilcea, Romania, under a team led by Dimitru Popescu . The concept used a rocket powered vertical takeoff and parachute descent on water landing:. The Orizont vehicle was extremely simple to ensure a high reliability and low production cost. The vehicle was to take-off vertically, from a launch pad and accelerate to a speed of about 1,300 m/s. At 40 km the engine was to be shut down, and the vehicle would continue to coast to an altitude above 100 km. The acceleration was to be no greater than 3.5G. The crew capsule separated from the launch vehicle at an altitude of 80 km. The landings of the rocket and capsule of the Orizont vehicle were made separately. Both had a parachute recovery system suitable for splashdown at sea. The main parachutes were to be deployed at an altitude of 4 km. Helicopters would recover both the capsule and rocket. The occupants would stay in the capsule until the helicopter had returned it to land.

Gross mass: 7,000 kg (15,400 lb).
Height: 14.00 m (45.00 ft).
Diameter: 1.40 m (4.50 ft).

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  • X-Prize The X-Prize competition was an attempt to promote commercial civilian spaceflight in a manner similar to the prizes handed out in the early days of aviation. Ten million dollars was to go to the first team to fly a vehicle capable of launching three people into space (defined as an altitude of 100 km in a suborbital trajectory), twice in a two-week period. The vehicle had to be 90% reusable by dry mass. For purposes of the two flights, the competition accepted flight by one person and ballast equivalent to two others at 90 kg per passenger. More...

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  • ACRA Romanian manufacturer of spacecraft. Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association, Romania. More...

Orizont Chronology

2001 June 1 - .
  • Orizont tank pressuization test. - . Nation: Romania. Program: X-Prize. Spacecraft: Orizont. Summary: ARCA (Ramnicu Valcea, Romania) successfully performs pressurization tests of fuel and oxidizer tanks, achieving maximum pressures of 30 bars..

2002 May 1 - .
  • Orizont test stand construction. - . Nation: Romania. Program: X-Prize. Spacecraft: Orizont. Summary: ARCA (Ramnicu Valcea, Romania) completed rocket engine test stand construction and cold flow calibration tests. Series of successful hot-fire tests accomplished..

2004 April 1 - .
  • Hydrogen peroxide engine for Orizont tested. - . Nation: Romania. Program: X-Prize. Spacecraft: Orizont. Summary: Tthe system tested, at 35% of full thrust, was the world's first reusable monopropellant propulsion system constructed from composite materials and the most powerful Romanian liquid fuel engine ever tested..

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