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Russian manned spacecraft module. Operational, first launch 1989.08.23 (Progress M-1). Two Kurs-type rendezvous antennas. Cargo section.

Docking System: Lightweight. Probe: Roller-type. Tunnel: Yes. Collar Length (m): 0.22. Probe Length (m): 0.5. Base Diameter (m): 1.35. Ring Diameter (m): 1.35. Two Kurs-type rendezvous antennas, no rendezvous tower. Orbital Module: Cargo.

Habitable Volume: 4.00 m3.

AKA: Gruzovoi otsek.
Gross mass: 2,520 kg (5,550 lb).
Payload: 1,340 kg (2,950 lb).
Height: 2.98 m (9.77 ft).
Diameter: 2.26 m (7.41 ft).

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  • Progress M Russian logistics spacecraft. Operational, first launch 1989.08.23 (Progress M-1). Progress M was an upgraded version of the original Progress. New service module and rendezvous and docking systems were adopted from Soyuz T. More...

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