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First Launch: 2010.09.11.
Last Launch: 2010.09.11.
Number: 1 .

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QZS Chronology

2010 September 11 - . 11:17 GMT - . Launch Site: Tanegashima. LV Family: H-2. Launch Vehicle: H-IIA 202.
  • QZS-1 - . Payload: Michibiki. Nation: Japan. Agency: Mitsubishi. Class: Navigation. Type: Navigation satellite. Spacecraft: QZS. USAF Sat Cat: 37158 . COSPAR: 2010-045A. Apogee: 38,944 km (24,198 mi). Perigee: 32,632 km (20,276 mi). Inclination: 40.9000 deg. Period: 1,436.20 min. Quasi-Zenith Satellite System; carried an L-band navigation package to augment GPS and a C-band transponder for communications. Placed in an inclined geosynchronous orbit that brings nearly overhead of Japan at peak usage hours, providing a better navigation and communications signal to users which normally would have equatorial geosynchronous satellite and medium-earth-orbit navigation satellite signals interfered with by tall buildings or steep canyons.

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