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Re-Entry Glider-Six Crew

American manned rescue spacecraft. Study 1963. A six-man parasail escape system was studied as an elaboration of the single-crew system. It was to provide rescue from manned spacecraft as well as stations.

The system would have essentially the same flight characteristics, but a smaller-diameter higher-pressure inflatable structure was proposed. It would be a 'hotter' aircraft, with triple the wing loading.

The vehicle would have a 7 kg nitrogen gas supply for orienting itself for retro-fire from orbit. Re-entry would be controlled by a guidance computer using data from a strap-down gyro package and air data sensors. It was expected that the guidance system would obtain state vector updates from the station or spacecraft before it was ejected. The 70 degree re-entry would be computer controlled. Angle of attack would be modulated to fly a constant 5-G trajectory. After that the parasail would be rolled as necessary to obtain cross-range to reach the landing point.

Mass per crew 586 kg. Mass breakdown:

  • Crew Compartment Structure & Insulation: 1105 kg
  • Paraglider Structure: 672 kg
  • Ablation Material: 163 kg
  • Pressurization System: 474 kg
  • Oxygen Supply (24 crew-hours): 94 kg
  • Electronic Equipment & Control System: 333 kg
  • Vehicle stowage canister: 128 kg
  • Payload (six crew): 544 kg
  • Gross mass: 3514 kg

Gross mass: 3,514 kg (7,747 lb).
Height: 8.45 m (27.72 ft).
Span: 13.00 m (42.00 ft).

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