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Russian civilian surveillance satellite. Study 1994.

As early as 1989 Russian officials indicated that future civil Earth observation satellites could employ digital electronic transmission techniques in real-time or near-real-time (as used on the Yantar 4KS1 military photographic reconnaissance satellite). This capability was to be realized under the civilian Resurs-Spektr program. The Resurs-Spektr V spacecraft was a modified Yantar 4KS1 satellite and reportedly would produce 3-5 m resolution stereo images. Almaz-class phased-array antennas enabled downlinks via geostationary relay satellites. A second Resurs-Spektr variant, Resurs-Spektr R1, with a side-looking radar, was also proposed. Another possible replacement was an imaging variant of the Kuban spacecraft, which was under development for several years for microgravity research. None of these commercial variants of the Yantar satellite went into production in post-Soviet Russia.

Gross mass: 6,600 kg (14,500 lb).

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  • Johnson, Nicholas L; and Rodvold, David M, Europe and Asia in Space 1993-1994, USAF Phillips Laboratory, Kirtland AFB, NM 80907, 1995..

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