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American manned spacecraft. Study 2004. X-Prize suborbital ballistic spacecraft concept of STC.

Rubicon/STC Suborbital Tourism Vehicle was to be launched from a mobile launch structure positioned near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Rubicon would be launched by seven identical solid rocket motors -- each 30 cm in diameter and 2.4 m long. Six of the motors were in a ring configuration around the seventh central motor. The outer motors would be fired in pairs and then jettisoned, followed by burn of the central motor. The vehicle would be almost completely reusable - the engines were to be cleaned and repacked for the next flight. The vehicle's Attitude Control System (ACS) consisted of attitude/position sensing equipment, thrusters to provide attitude adjustment, and a microcontroller to crunch numbers and signal the thrusters appropriately. Instruments included accelerometers, gyros, inclinometers and a magnetometer. Loaded and fuelled, the vehicle would weigh approximately 1800 kg and stand 6 m high.

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  • America's Space Prize Following the success of the Ansari X-Prize in motivating flight of the first commercial suborbital manned spacecraft, Robert Bigelow announced the 'America's Space Prize' - $ 50 million - to the first team to fly an orbital manned spacecraft that completes two missions safely and successfully by January 10, 2010. More...
  • X-Prize The X-Prize competition was an attempt to promote commercial civilian spaceflight in a manner similar to the prizes handed out in the early days of aviation. Ten million dollars was to go to the first team to fly a vehicle capable of launching three people into space (defined as an altitude of 100 km in a suborbital trajectory), twice in a two-week period. The vehicle had to be 90% reusable by dry mass. For purposes of the two flights, the competition accepted flight by one person and ballast equivalent to two others at 90 kg per passenger. More...

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  • STC American manufacturer of spacecraft. STC, USA. More...

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