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Russian communications satellite. Study 1995.

The Makeyev Design Bureau in Miass proposed a constellation of low earth orbit communications satellites based, in part, on its extensive experience in naval systems, including submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

The SPS (Personal Satellite Communications System)-Sputnik network would consist of 32-48 spacecraft of 300 kg mass in orbits of 510 km with inclinations of 70 degrees. The system was designed for voice, digital, and facsimile communications via direct or electronic mail methods. The primary communications link was to be in the 300-400 MHz band with a possible extension to C-band. SPS-Sputnik spacecraft, with design lifetimes of five years, would be launched by Shtil-1N boosters, perhaps beginning in 1995. Nothing more was heard of it by the late 1990's.

Gross mass: 300 kg (660 lb).

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  • Makeyev Russian manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Makeyev Design Bureau, Kolomna, Russia. More...

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