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Tier Two

American manned spacecraft. Study 2005. After the successful win of the X-Prize for the first suborbital flight by Burt Rutan's Tier One / SpaceShipOne, the designer hinted a follow-on orbital spacecraft was being designed.

No details were forthcoming... the enlarged SpaceShipOne/Tier One planned for commercial suborbital flights was dubbed Tier 1b.

AKA: Tier 2.

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  • America's Space Prize Following the success of the Ansari X-Prize in motivating flight of the first commercial suborbital manned spacecraft, Robert Bigelow announced the 'America's Space Prize' - $ 50 million - to the first team to fly an orbital manned spacecraft that completes two missions safely and successfully by January 10, 2010. More...

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  • Scaled American manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft. Scaled Composites, USA. More...

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