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General Dynamics Empire concept
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American manned Mars expedition. Study 1964. Unfavorable Manned Planetary - Interplanetary Roundtrip Expedition profiles were studied under NASA Huntsville contracts to General Dynamics and Douglas in June 1963.

The studies looked at manned Mars missions at unfavorable mission opportunities (e.g. 1975, 1977). Convair concluded that only conjunction class long-duration 800-1000 day missions were feasible at such opportunities.

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  • Mars Expeditions Since Wernher von Braun first sketched out his Marsprojekt in 1946, a succession of designs and mission profiles were seriously studied in the United States and the Soviet Union. By the late 1960's Von Braun had come to favour nuclear thermal rocket powered expeditions, while his Soviet counterpart Korolev decided that nuclear electric propulsion was the way to go. All such work stopped in both countries in the 1970's, after the cancellation of the Apollo program in the United States and the N1 booster in the Soviet Union. More...

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  • Convair American manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Convair, USA. More...

  • Miller, Ron, The Dream Machines, Krieger, Malabar, Florida, 1993.

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