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Zenith Star

American military anti-satellite system. Study 1987. In 1987, the Zenith Star prototype space combat satellite prototype, using the Alpha laser, was announced by President Bush. The launch vehicle would be the Barbarian. Zenith Star weighed 39.

4 metric tons, and was to be launched at one time by a Barbarian clustered launch vehicle or in two elements aboard a Titan 4.

Gross mass: 39,400 kg (86,800 lb).

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  • Barbarian MM American heavy-lift orbital launch vehicle. The Zenith Star space-based chemical laser missile defence weapon required a launch vehicle capable of placing a 45,000 kg payload into low earth orbit. Martin and Aerojet turned to their work 20 years earlier on advanced Titans for the MOL program. These earlier studies were combined with new concepts for tank construction and materials. The Martin Barbarian was a 4.57 m diameter Titan vehicle (instead of the customary 3.05 m) with four LR-87 engines on the first stage, and a single LR-87 engine on the second stage. More...

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