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More Details for 2008-05-18
ISS On-Orbit Status 05/18/08

Sunday - crew off duty.

Ahead: Week 5 of Increment 17.

Crew wake/sleep cycle is back on the regular 2:00am - 5:30pm EDT period.

The crew performed the regular weekly three-hour task of thorough station cleaning. ("Uborka", usually done on Saturdays, includes removal of food waste products, cleaning of compartments with vacuum cleaner, damp cleaning of the Service Module (SM) dining table, other frequently touched surfaces and surfaces where trash is collected, as well as the FE's sleep station with a standard cleaning solution; also, fan screens and grilles are cleaned to avoid temperature rises. Special cleaning is also done every 90 days on the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) bacteria filters in the Lab.)

As part of the house cleaning, CDR Volkov conducted the weekly collection of the toilet flush (SP) counter and water supply (SVO) readings for calldown to TsUP and today also the periodic cleaning of the pre-filter of the POTOK air filtration system. The crew also performed regular maintenance inspection & cleaning on fan grilles in the FGB (FS5 & FS6, TsV2), SM (VPkhO & VPrK), DC1 (V3) and in the COL (Columbus Orbital Laboratory).

FE-2 Reisman ended his FD60 session with the NASA/JSC experiment NUTRITION w/Repository, his second, by collecting a final urine sample upon wakeup for storage in the MELFI (Minus-Eighty Laboratory Freezer for ISS). The sampling kit was then stowed away. (The current NUTRITION project is the most comprehensive in-flight study done by NASA to date of human physiologic changes during long-duration space flight. It includes measures of bone metabolism, oxidative damage, nutritional assessments, and hormonal changes, expanding the previous Clinical Nutritional Assessment profile (MR016L) testing in three ways: Addition of in-flight blood & urine collection (made possible by MELFI), normative markers of nutritional assessment, and a return session plus 30-day (R+30) session to allow evaluation of post-flight nutrition and implications for rehabilitation.)

FE-1 Kononenko serviced the Russian BMP (Harmful Impurities Removal System), terminating the "bake-out" cycle to vacuum on absorbent bed #1 of the regenerable dual-channel filtration system and starting the process on bed #2. The regen process will be terminated tonight at ~4:55pm EDT. (Regeneration of each of the two cartridges takes about 12 hours. Filter bed #1 was regenerated overnight. In order to assist in atmosphere scrubbing after the Freon-218 spill from the SKV-2 air conditioner on 4/29, the BMP's regeneration cycle was moded to 5 days instead of the regular 20 days.)

The crew conducted their regular 2.5-hr. physical workout program (about half of which is used for setup & post-exercise personal hygiene) on the TVIS treadmill (CDR, FE-1, FE-2), RED resistive exerciser (FE-1 FE-2) and VELO bike with bungee cord load trainer (CDR). (The RED, as an anaerobic muscle exerciser, allows a variety of routines: squat, heel raises, bent-over rowing, abdominal crunches, deadlift, bench presses, upright rowing, etc. For Sergey & Oleg, who are using RED three times a week, each session features four different routines which vary from day to day to target different muscle groups.)

At ~6:35am EDT, the ISS crew linked up with the Lead Flight Director at JSC/MCC-H via S-band/audio to conduct their first weekly tagup. (S/G-2 (Space-to-Ground 2) phone patch via SSC-10 (Station Support Computer 10)).

At ~9:15am, the crewmembers held their regular WPC (Weekly Planning Conference) with the ground, discussing next week's "Look-Ahead Plan" (prepared jointly by MCC-H and TsUP/Moscow timeline planners) via S-band/audio, reviewing the monthly calendar, upcoming activities, and any concerns about future on-orbit events.

The CDR and FE-1 had their weekly PFC (Private Family Conference) via S-band/audio and Ku-band/MS-NetMeeting application (which displays the uplinked ground video on an SSC laptop), Sergey at ~7:00am, Oleg at ~8:20am.


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