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More Details for 1965-12-23
OKB-1 reviews space plans.

Mishin held a comprehensive review of ongoing projects with his management.

The main directions were:
1. Investigation of the possibility and feasibility of the spacecraft for strategic purposes.
2. LEO - means for space reconnaisance. (Operational, tactical and strategic)
3. An early warning system of a nuclear attack
4. The communication system (including the use of the Moon).
5. Weather systems.
6. Astronomical-geodetic and cartographic satellite.
7. Auxiliary spacecraft. Maintenance space stations and laboratories.
8. Navigation system using satellites.
9. Antisatellite interception system; and systems to counter such interceptions.
10. Inspection system.
11. Orbital stations military, scientific and national economic purposes.
12. Aerospaceplanes and boost-gliders.
13. Development of integrated programs of study and exploration of the planets of the solar system.
14. Development of lunar expedition systems, including research astronauts on the moon.
a) Study of the meteor and radiation hazards (new methods of predicting solar flares.)
b) The study of gravitational fields and shape of the moon.
c) Study of landing sites.
g) Study of communications on the Moon and transmission from the moon to Earth.
d) Modeling phase of flight to the moon and landing.
e) Analysis of various schemes flight to the Moon.
g) The study of different schemes of landing on the Moon
15. Prospects for development of the Moon for scientific, military and national economic objectives (creating a long-term automatic and orbital stations on the Moon.)
16. Investigation of energy systems during long space flights.
17. The study of rational types of launch vehicles for winged spacecraft (up to 75 metric tons). The minimum cost of the launch. High reliability and safety.

For L-3.
1. Spacesuit with an autonomous life support system with protection against solar radiation and micrometeorites.
2. Shelter for astronauts on the moon. Shelter for LK (or mechanism to protect against micro-meteorites).
3. Construction activities in the LK and LOK'e for protection against micrometeorites.
4. Versatile tools for use in space (Space Technology). Assembly in space.
5. The design of the assembled parts should be included in technological devices. (Construction - technology.)
6. Training astronauts to stay on the Moon (The creation of special units)
7. Mapping of the lunar surface. The choice of the landing site.
8. ???????????? ??????????? ?????????? ??, ??? (?), ????.

18. Investigations of space power and propulsion sources: chemical rocket engines, nuclear, and nuclear-electric.

Key Staff:
1. VK Grishin
2. Brovalsky Julius Anat.
3. Semenov Yuri. Kir..
4. Budak
5. Legostaev
6. Degtyarenko Georg. Nik.
7. Lyubimtsev Oleg
8. Bezverby VK
9. Makarov Evg.
10. Dolgopolov
11. Protopopoff
12. Parmuzin
13. Bobkov physicist?
14. Classified - Ed.
15. Narimanov
16. Ivanov (Lead)
17. Lavrov SS
18. Anfinogenov Anat. Vas. (4 Fadeev Department)
19. Sinitsa
20. Dolgopolov
21. Danilkovich
22. Lebedev
23. Vorolaev
24. Deleted - Ed.
25. Goncharov SP
26. Stepanova EF
27. Raikov II
"Ustinov: Chief Designer should be a politician "

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