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More Details for 1967-05-02
NASA Apollo Block II Redefinition Task Team

NASA Block II Redefinition Task Team group leaders and CSM Program Manager Kenneth S. Kleinknecht arrived at North American Aviation Space Division at Downey May 2, followed by Task Team Manager Frank Borman the next day.

Borman met with North American management May 4 to ensure understanding of the team plan and objectives. An afternoon meeting with NASA and North American Task Managers and group leaders reviewed the status of the Block II Redefinition task.

Following is a summation of the technical status at the time:

- Ninety-five percent of the wires and break points had been defined, including additional wires for changes (approximately 200) plus the existing open items on spacecraft 101. Schematics for manufacturing and preparation of integrated schematics were to be available May 30.

- AiResearch environmental control system components had been reviewed by North American and direction transmitted for materials changes.

- North American was planning no compartment closeouts behind the front panels. This was unacceptable to NASA and closeouts would be required.

- North American definition and review of all spacecraft materials applications were in progress, but Borman reported the progress was too slow to date and that a plan for expediting was under consideration.

- Fire extinguisher interfaces had not yet been identified. A meeting was planned during the next week to resolve the problem.

- NASA reaffirmed to North American the intention that DITMCO (an inspection process) of the completed installed harness be performed as late as possible and that harness protection be reinstalled immediately after DITMCO. Connectors which could not be DITMCOed must be reviewed with NASA, connector by connector.

- NASA reaffirmed that a crew compartment fit and function test was required on each spacecraft at Downey.

- Two meetings had been held on the Downey spacecraft 101 test and checkout. Definition of requirements was progressing rapidly and was expected to be completed and signed off by May 5. A schedule would be prepared for distribution on May 9, for the preparation, review and final approval of the operational checkout procedures necessary for the approved test requirement. The launch site test plan for spacecraft 101 would be discussed in a meeting at Downey May 9, and this meeting would be followed by a discussion of spacecraft 2TV-1 Downey test requirements as related to the Houston tests for the spacecraft 101 mission.

- The Test Group of the Task Team planned to work closely with the Checkout Working Group and would be represented in its next meeting in Downey on May 11.

- Rework resulting from the wiring inspection of spacecraft 101 was not proceeding as rapidly as desired; however, Borman reported that more efficient procedures were being prepared and would be carried out as soon as possible.

- The Apollo spacecraft quality requirements were being reviewed and the North American Quality Plan would be checked against these requirements in detail.

Borman reported on plans and schedules:

- A documentation center was being established to provide configuration documentation to the North American and NASA teams. A master change status board would be maintained in the NASA Task Team Office, and Block II specifications would be updated to provide the predesign baseline.

- North American had released Master Development Schedule-10 ahead of its May 12 schedule, and detailed engineering, manufacturing, and Apollo test operation schedules were being prepared.

Critical open items were:

- TV monitor requirements and interfaces,

- flashing beacon mechanization and requirements,

- material for the lithium hydroxide canister,

- emergency oxygen mask mechanization,

- water chlorination mechanization,

- rapid repressurization-mechanization or surge tank, and

- cabin recirculation valve requirement.

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