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More Details for 2001-04-26
STS-100 Mission Status Report #14

Good news greeted space station flight controllers this morning when, shortly after awakening, Expedition Two flight engineer Susan Helms reported that the International Space Station computer systems may be returning to normal. Working at a laptop computer aboard the station that serves as the crew's primary interface with the station's United States command and control computer system, Helms reported the good news at about 3:45 a.m. Shortly afterward, Helms performed a series of troubleshooting steps that restored the ground's ability to monitor and send commands to the station's U.S. systems.

Space station flight controllers then sent commands that have put the station's systems in a better configuration in the event computer problems recur today. They also are planning to send commands that will transmit data to the ground from the station computers to allow technicians to thoroughly analyze those computers' hardware and software as part of the investigation that is under way to determine the cause of the computer problems.

Today's plan for the astronauts and cosmonauts aboard Endeavour and the station will have them continue joint work this morning to reload the Raffaello logistics module with unneeded station equipment and supplies for return to Earth. The crews have almost completed unloading the 4,000 pounds of equipment that Raffaello carried to the station. While that reloading work takes place, flight controllers will continue their analysis of the station computers.

Given continued success with the computer troubleshooting, the crews will resume work with the station's new Canadarm2 and the shuttle's robotic arm after 8 a.m., handing off a 3,000-pound Spacelab Pallet from the station arm to the shuttle arm to store the pallet back in Endeavour's payload bay. Another reboost of the spacecraft's altitude is planned later today as well, an hour-long jet firing by Endeavour that will raise the complex's altitude by almost 4½ miles.

A practice run with the new station arm to rehearse moves the arm must make during the next shuttle assembly mission to the station to attach a new airlock will be conducted on Friday.

The crew of Endeavour was awakened just after 2:40 a.m. by a Russian folk song, "Behind the Fog." That song was played for Endeavour crewmember Russian cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov. The two spacecraft are orbiting the Earth every 92 minutes at an altitude of 243 statute miles.

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