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1968.04.05 - A 48-hour delayed-recovery test with Apollo CSM 007

Astronauts James A. Lovell, Jr., Stuart A. Roosa, and Charles M. Duke, Jr., participated in a recovery test of spacecraft 007, conducted by the MSC Landing and Recovery Division in the Gulf of Mexico. The test crew reported that while they did not "recommend the Apollo spacecraft for any extended sea voyages they encountered no serious habitability problems during the 48-hour test.

If a comparison can be made, the interior configurations and seaworthiness make the Apollo spacecraft a much better vessel than the Gemini spacecraft." The following conclusions were reached:

- The Apollo spacecraft, as represented by spacecraft 007 and under ambient conditions tested, was suitable for a 48-hour delayed recovery.

- The interference between the survival radio beacon and VHF communications was unsatisfactory. Spacecraft to aircraft communication ranges seemed unusually low.

- There was no requirement for the seawater hand pump.

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