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1960.05.25 - Advanced Vehicle Team to make preliminary design for advanced multiman spacecraft

STG formed the Advanced Vehicle Team, reporting directly to Robert R. Gilruth, Director of the Mercury program. The Team would conduct research and make preliminary design studies for an advanced multiman spacecraft.

In addition, the Team would maintain contacts and information flow between STG and the Langley, Lewis, Ames, and Flight Research Centers and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and would effect necessary liaison with the Marshall Space Flight Center on the development and planned use of boosters. Contacts with industrial groups and government agencies on advanced systems studies would be focused in this group. Robert O. Piland was appointed Head of the Advanced Vehicle Team ; other members assigned full-time were H. Kurt Strass, Robert G. Chilton, Jack Funk, Alan B. Kehlet, Jr., R. Bryan Erb, Owen E. Maynard, Richard B. Ferguson, and Alfred B. Eickmeier. Team members would retain their current permanent organizational status and receive technical direction and guidance in their particular areas from their supervisors, as well as support from other specialists.

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