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1965.04.01 - All-battery electrical power system for the Apollo LEM

Grumman presented to MSC its recommendations for an all-battery electrical power system for the LEM:

  • Two batteries in the ascent stage
  • Four batteries in the descent stage
  • A new power distribution system
  • Active cooling for the descent batteries and electrical control assemblies
Following a review of cost and resources proposals, MSC approved Grumman's configuration, and on April 15 gave the LEM manufacturer a go-ahead.

MSC requested that Grumman evaluate the possibility of furnishing power for the pre-separation checkout of the LEM wholly from that module's power supply. This procedure would obviate the CSM's supplying that power during the initial 60 min of the checkout. This would simplify the electrical connections between the two spacecraft and eliminate the possible requirement for an additional battery charger in the CSM. The Center advised North American, however, that such a charger might still be needed on Block II CSMs.

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