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1964.02.20 - All 12 Gemini flights to end in water landings.

George E. Mueller, NASA Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight, informed the staff of the Gemini Project Office (GPO) that all 12 Gemini flights would end in water landings, although Project Gemini Quarterly Report No. 8 for the period ending February 29, 1964, still listed the paraglider for the last three Gemini missions.

At the GPO staff meeting of April 29, it was decided to reduce the level of activity on the paraglider program and begin to phase it out of the Gemini program. Representatives of NASA and North American met on May 4 and agreed to continue concentrating primarily on the flight test portion of the program. But paraglider was dead as far as Gemini was concerned. On June 12, Gemini Project Manager Charles W. Mathews notified the Gemini Procurement Office that GPO had deleted the requirement for a paraglider recovery system from the Gemini program and requested that the appropriate change in the McDonnell contract be expedited. The public announcement that the paraglider had definitely been canceled from the Gemini program came on August 10, 1964.

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