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1960.07.28 - Announcement of the Apollo program to American industry

The first NASA-Industry Program Plans Conference was held in Washington, D.C. The purpose was to give industrial management an overall picture of the NASA program and to establish a basis for subsequent conferences to be held at various NASA Centers. The current status of NASA programs was outlined, including long-range planning, launch vehicles, structures and materials research, manned space flight, and life sciences.

NASA Deputy Administrator Hugh L. Dryden announced that the advanced manned space flight program had been named "Apollo." George M. Low, NASA Chief of Manned Space Flight, stated that circumlunar flight and earth orbit missions would be carried out before 1970. This program would lead eventually to a manned lunar landing and a permanent manned space station.

Three follow-up conferences were planned: Goddard Space Flight Center in August (held in Washington, D.C.), the Marshall Space Flight Center in September, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory in October. Industry representatives would receive more detailed briefings on specific phases of the NASA program.

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