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1968.04.12 - Apollo parachute review

A number of decisions were made at the completion of a parachute review at Northrop-Ventura.

- The spacecraft 101 parachute system would be flown without further changes.

- A higher drogue-mortar muzzle velocity would be planned, with a possible effectivity for spacecraft 103. North American Rockwell would determine what ground tests were required, when flight hardware would be ready, and what additional qualification tests were needed.

- Proposed Northrop-Ventura changes in drogue riser size and riser length would be considered only for design and ground testing activities.

- North American would propose to NASA an augmented confidence-level test program.

- For follow-on work, NASA would contract directly with Northrop- Ventura only for analytical work (all test effort would be contracted through North American).

- Northrop-Ventura would examine the swagged fittings to determine whether a possible stress corrosion problem might exist.

- Northrop-Ventura would obtain sufficient documentary photography during parachute packing for manned flight vehicles to provide subsequent quality examination.

- Northrop-Ventura would prepare a package depicting the flight and design envelope of the parachutes, together with tests already achieved and tests planned.

- Finn direction to Northrop-Ventura in all applicable areas would be provided by North American.

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