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1973.06.15 - A review was conducted at NASA Hq to determine whether the astronaut maneuvering unit and foot controller maneuvering unit could be safely used within the confines of the OWS.

It was concluded that the units could be safely operated, and approval was given for scheduling their use.

Previously, a decision to operate the units had been deferred until a more thorough briefing could be provided. Concern over their use had been based on the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Report on Skylab. Astronauts Edward G. Gibson and Russell L. Schweickart are shown in the MSFC Neutral Buoyancy Tank, above, simulating use of various cutting tools to be used by the Skylab 2 crew in an effort to free the Workshop's solar wing. At right, the Saturn IB launch vehicle to be u for the Skylab 3 mission is shown as it was rolled out to Launch Complex 39-B on 11 June 1973.

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