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1967.01.26 - Findings of the S-IVB Accident Investigation Board supplemented

Apollo Program Director Samuel C. Phillips sent a message to the manned space flight Centers indicating that he wanted to supplement the findings of the S-IVB Accident Investigation Board with a review by the Crew Safety Panel of the possible impact on manned Apollo flights.

He requested Crew Safety Panel members and any other necessary crew safety representatives to go to Sacramento, Calif., immediately, review the 20 January accident, and answer a number of questions:

- What would have happened if a crew had been on board the space vehicle at the time of the accident?

- What feasible methods were there within existing system capabilities to escape such an explosion? What other escape methods might be evolved beyond existing system capabilities?

- How would the EDS (emergency detection system) have functioned if the accident had occurred on a manned flight? Should there be any changes to the EDS?

- Should any changes be made to AS-204 to increase the probability of a safe escape?

Phillips said the panel's recommendations were needed by February 6 to help assess any impact on AS-204 and subsequent flights.

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