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1964.08.31 - Gemini Program Office (GPO) reported the substantial completion of all research and development testing of components.

These included the thrust chamber assemblies, of the reentry control system (RCS) and orbit attitude and maneuver system (OAMS) as configured for spacecraft Nos. 2 through 5.

System testing of two RCS units was under way, and GPO expected the test program to be finished by the end of 1964. Research and development system testing of the OAMS configuration for spacecraft Nos. 2 through 5 was expected to be completed within three months, but no plans had yet been approved for tests of the spacecraft No. 6 configuration. The long delay in completing research and development testing had resulted in serious delays in the qualification test program. GPO reviewed the qualification test program to see how schedules could be improved without compromising the attainment of test data. Some test requirements were deleted, but the major change was reducing hardware requirements by planning more tests on single units. Since lack of hardware had been a major source of delay, GPO expected this change to produce improved schedules. Reliability testing was to be done on some qualification hardware, which meant that much of the reliability test program could not be initiated until qualification testing was finished.

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