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1966.01.17 - Gemini Program Office review of possible future mission activities.

At a NASA-McDonnell Management Panel meeting, W. B. Evans of Gemini Program Office reviewed possible future mission activities. Gemini VIII would have three periods of extravehicular activity (EVA) - two in daylight, one in darkness - and would undock during EVA with the right hatch snubbed against the umbilical guide and the astronaut strapped into the adapter section.

A redocking would be performed with one orbit of stationkeeping performed before each docking. EVA would include retrieval of the emulsion pack from the adapter, the starting of the S-10 (Micrometeorite Collection) experiment on the Agena, and the use of a power tool. The astronaut would don the extravehicular support pack, use the hand-held maneuvering unit, and check different lenghts of tether. The spacecraft would maneuver to the astronaut and the astronaut to the Agena. It would incorporate a secondary propulsion system burn with the Agena and would be a three-day mission. Gemini IX would also be a three-day mission and would include a simulated lunar module (LM) rendezvous (third apogee rendezvous), a primary propulsion system (PPS) burn with the docked Agena, a rendezvous from above, a simulated LM abort, a phantom rendezvous with three PPS burns (double rendezvous), EVA with the modular maneuvering unit, and the parking of the Gemini VIII and Gemini IX Agenas. Gemini X would include a dual rendezvous with a parked Agena and the retrieval of the S-10 experiment after undocking with the new Agena, using EVA.

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