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1966.07.21 - Gemini Agena target vehicle made three orbital maneuvers under ground control.

Following the reentry of spacecraft No. 10, Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV) 5005 made three orbital maneuvers under ground control. Its primary propulsion system (PPS) fired to put the vehicle in a 750.5 by 208.6 nautical mile orbit in order to determine the temperature effects of such an orbit on the vehicle.

Temperature data showed no appreciable difference from that obtained at lower orbits. The PPS fired again to circularize the orbit and a secondary propulsion system Unit II maneuver placed the GATV in a 190 nautical mile circular orbit for possible use as a Gemini XI rendezvous target. During its time in orbit, the GATV received and executed 1700 commands, 1350 by ground controllers and 350 from spacecraft 10.

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