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1969.09.05 - Guidelines for a second Skylab OWS.

The objectives, constraints, and guidelines for a second OWS were stated in general terms along the following lines: OWS would reflect the same physical features and capabilities exhibited by the initial Workshop and would use the flight hardware to be procured as backup for the first Workshop missions. Crew complement would consist of three men (at least one scientist astronaut). Operating life would be 12 to 24 months, nominally continuously manned. Orbital altitude would be in the range of 390 to 500 km at an inclination up to 55°.

Orientation would be inertially stabilized for solar arrays in either a solar or X-POP (the X-axis perpendicular in orbital plane) mode and would permit experiment pointing for solar, stellar, and Earth survey observations. Experiment development schedules would be consistent with an early FY 1974 launch of the OWS. Some period of time during the mission would be devoted to experimental artificial gravity operations. Planning would utilize currently developed hardware to the maximum extent practical to reduce cost, and consideration would be given to approaches that permit significant cost reductions in payload development. Payload elements would emphasize the experimental facility approach contrast to individual experiments) to the maximum extent possible. FY 1970 and 1971 funding requirements would be minimized consistent with realistic resource requirements to meet an early FY 1974 launch date.

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