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1993.09.26 - Healthsat 2

Customer: SateLife. Store and forward communications satellite operating in the SatelLife 'HealthNet' LEO satellite communications network for remote regions. Still operational as of 2000.

Healthsat - II joined UoSAT-3/HealthSat-I as the second microsatellite in the HealthNet global communications system of SatelLife, a U.S. not-for-profit organisation. HealthNet, which was licensed in eighteen countries in Africa and Latin America, was providing desperately needed low cost 'last mile' communication links between medical institutions and health programmes in the developing world.

The HealthSat-II mission was completed, from concept to launch, within one year. SSTL were responsible for all the programmatic aspects of the mission including procuring the launch slot on the Ariane ASAP and arranging suitable insurance for the launch and early commissioning phase - all within a total contract price of 1M.

HealthSat-II was custom-designed to support cost effective store-&-forward communications using low cost, portable groundstations and consequently it has the following main mission characteristics:

Communications link: 3 uplink receivers at VHF; 2 redundant downlink transmitters at UHF; Omni-directional satellite antennas; Switchable AFSK/FSK modulation 1200/9600 bps uplink; 9600/38,400 bps downlink. Output transmitter power adaptive from 1W to 10W under computer control. AX.25 packet communications protocol .

Dual redundant 80C186 on-board computers at 8MHz. Highly integrated 80C188 back-up on-board computer at 10 MHz. 48 Mbytes SRAM on-board memory. EDAC memory protection against radiation-induced SEUs. Advanced solar cell technology experimental payload.

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