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1960.08.30 - Industry briefing on feasibility studies for the Apollo spacecraft

The Goddard Space Flight Center GSFC conducted its industry conference in Washington, D.C., presenting details of GSFC projects, current and future. The objectives of the proposed six-month feasibility contracts for an advanced manned spacecraft were announced.

These objectives were:

- To define a manned spacecraft system fulfilling STG guidelines
- To formulate a program plan for implementation
- To identify areas requiring long lead-time research and development effort
- To analyze the cost of providing the system.

Fixed-fee contracts were to be Jet to prime contractors only; several contracts would be let concurrently. The timetable was announced:

- August 30, 1960, industry familiarization;
- August 31-September 6, expression of interest to NASA;
- September 7, invitation to bidders' conference;
- September 12, bidders' conference at STG;
- October 10, proposals received;
- November 14, contracts awarded;
- May 15, 1961, contracts completed.

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