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2003.07.03 - International Space Station Status Report #03-32

The International Space Station Expedition 7 crew of Commander Yuri Malenchenko and NASA Science Officer Ed Lu began their third month aboard the Station this week, wrapping up a week that included a personal milestone and continued experiment work.

Lu, who considers Honolulu, Hawaii, one of his hometowns, celebrated his 40th birthday aboard the Station on Tuesday, a milestone that was marked by the observance of "Edward Tsang Lu Day" in Hawaii. Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle read a proclamation of the observance to Lu on Monday. Lu's birthday also was marked by an "Aloha Day" celebration in Mission Control and throughout NASA with ground team members donning Hawaiian garb and shirts such as those Lu has frequently worn in orbit. NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe took part in the celebration with a congratulatory call to Lu marking the occasion.

Lu completed work this week with the InSPACE experiment in the Destiny Laboratory's Microgravity Science Glovebox. Lu conducted runs of the experiment, which studies the behavior of magnetic particles in a fluid when subjected to a pulsed magnetic field, almost daily during the week. InSPACE stands for Investigating the Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates from Colloidal Emulsions.

Other activities during the week included standard maintenance inspections of Russian systems, windows, and the Pirs Docking Compartment's docking cone. The Expedition 7 crew took time out of its activities on Monday to field questions from educators gathered in Seattle, Washington, for launch of the NASA Explorer Schools program. The program includes teams of educators from 50 schools who will work with NASA to bring the excitement of space exploration and science into the classroom. Friday, July 4, will be a holiday for the crew. Light activities interspersed with time off also are planned for Saturday and Sunday.

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