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2005.05.20 - International Space Station Status Report #05-26

The Expedition 11 crew, now into the second month of its stay on the International Space Station, had a varied week highlighted by repair of an exercise treadmill, tests of an oxygen supply and preparations for the Space Shuttle's Return to Flight.

Commander Sergei Krikalev and Flight Engineer John Phillips began the week with the repair of a faulty restraint cable on the Station exercise treadmill. The broken cable, which is used to hold the treadmill's gyroscope in place, had been detected during a routine inspection by the crew last week. The treadmill is one of three exercise options for the Space Station crew and has been operational since the repair.

On Wednesday, after removing contents from Pressurized Mating Adapter No. 2, which also serves as the forward docking port for Space Shuttles on the U.S. segment, and the Quest Airlock, Phillips depressurized the modules. This was done to rehearse procedures that will be employed during the STS-114 mission to conserve Shuttle nitrogen supplies during the spacewalk.

Throughout the week, Phillips set up and performed his first session of the FOOT (Foot Reaction Forces During Space Flight) experiment. He wore specially-designed leggings that allow researchers to capture data regarding forces and use of the lower extremity muscles. The data will help scientists design effective muscle and bone loss countermeasure programs for crewmembers involved in long duration spaceflight. The crew also worked with a variety of other U.S. and Russian biomedical experiments.

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