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2002.02.22 - ISS Status Report: ISS 02-12

The International Space Station Expedition 4 crew returned to normal activities today after Wednesday's successful spacewalk and what largely was a day of rest on Thursday. Commander Yury Onufrienko and astronauts Carl Walz and Dan Bursch participated in a number of medical tests, including post-spacewalk checkouts for Walz and Bursch.

Also today, Houston's Mission Control Center and the crew began a transition to new software for the station's computers, a process that is proceeding well and will continue with checkouts for several days.

Many of today's medical tests on crewmembers were done in the U.S. laboratory Destiny, in which the crew resumed work early this morning. As a precaution, they had spent much of the past 48 hours in the Russian segment while an air freshening system removed a musty odor that had spread through U.S. modules Wednesday. The odor originated from a Quest Airlock system that was being used to cleanse spacesuit air scrubbers Wednesday afternoon. The crew reported few remnants of the smell in the station this morning.

Russian flight controllers reboosted the station Thursday using the Progress vehicle docked at the rear of the Zvezda living quarters module. The reboost, performed in two segments, raised the altitude of the station by a little less than three statute miles to an average altitude of about 239 miles.

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