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1968.01.09 - Key Apollo program decisions required to certify the Apollo system design summarized

George E. Mueller, NASA OMSF, in a letter to MSC Director Robert R. Gilruth, summarized a number of key Apollo program decisions required in order to emphasize the urgency of priority action in preparations necessary to certify the Apollo system design for manned flight.

Mueller listed five items:

- Assuming a successful flight of Apollo 5, the LM design must be certified ready for manned flight on AS-503.

- A successful test firing of SM 102 at Cape Kennedy in January, in addition to the success of Apollo 4, would permit certification of the SM propulsion system for manned flight on AS-205.

- A successful launch vehicle test of AS-502 (Apollo 6) would require that the Saturn V design be certified ready for manned flight by early April 1968.

- A decision to certify the Block II CM design for manned flight should be essentially complete by early May 1968.

- Launch Complex 34 design should be certified for manned flight no later than early June 1968.

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