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1961.03.09 - Korabl-Sputnik 4

Carried dog Chernushka, mannequin Ivan Ivanovich, and other biological specimens. Ivanovich was ejected from the capsule and recovered by parachute, and Chernsuhka was successfully recovered with the capsule on March 9, 1961 8:10 GMT.
Officially: Development of the design of the space ship satellite and of the systems on board, which ensure necessary conditions for man's flight.

Kamanin flies at 02:00 from Tyuratam to Kuibyshev to participate in the capsule recovery. Crews of Il-14, Mi-4, and An-2 search and recovery aircraft report preparations are proceeding normally. 15 minutes after launch , at 09:29, they are informed that the launch was nominal. At 11:00 they receive the first word on the predicted landing point. At 11:40 Mozzhorin at NII-4 calls from Moscow-1 with the precise landing coordinates, based on the Krug direction-finding system: 26 km southeast of Kuibyshev. Kamanin flies in an Li-2 to Zainsk, 15 to 20 km from the landing point. There it is reported that two parachutes and a container were sited 15 km southwest. The team drives out in three vehicles to Noivpy Toknak, 12 km north off of Zainsk - it is evident that the Krug system position was 20 km off. The drive is difficult due to the heavy snow. Finally they have to mount horses, and even then have to halt 1.5 to 2.0 km from the landing point - they can't go any farther. They finally hike to the capsule. The spacecraft has landed in a clearing in the forest, but the helicopters can't fly due to the poor visibility. Kamanin and the others wait with the mannequin until 16:00, when an Il-14 arrives and drops four parachutists. They find the red parachute laying around the mannequin. The NAZ recovery beacon antenna deployed vertically and normally. The suit and automatically closing helmet visor, all seem to have functioned well. The mannequin and the parachute are put on a sleigh for removal, then the team hike over to the capsule to inspect it. The parachutists had taken up positions 5 m from the capsule, assisted by a few young reservists. The weather was still bad and there was no one on site to disarm the capsule's destruct system - it was life-threatening to remain so close to the capsule. So the guards were ordered to move to positions 100 m from the capsule. Kamanin decides to check the capsule despite the danger. The hatch is open, the antenna was deployed. The cabin appeared normal, and the tumbler of the destruct system was set to 'selector'. Kamanin and Yazdovskiy helped Kalmykov into the capsule to take out the dog Chernushka and the container of small payloads. Chernushka was in great condition. On reaching the village of Stary Tokmak, the team finds a huge crowd of collective farmers, and lots of children, anxious to see the dog that flew in space for 90 minutes. Yazdovskiy continues on to the village of Zaimin in order to call Moscow with the recovery team's report.

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